Daily Feline Prompt: Frigid Feline


Humans can be very sensitive to the cold. They like to keep their window and doors closed in the winter to keep the cold air outside. I have no problem with cold air, My body has its own air conditioner, complete with fur coat. I do not understand humans and there needs for various clothing systems. Long sleeves, short sleeves, trousers, skirts, and coats when they go out, reminding me of my cousins the Main Coons. They are very inefficient with their anatomy. All you need is a built in fur coat, with a air circulation system as myself. If I find temperatures a little cool, I can just curl up and sleep soon takes over.

In summer I must admit that a zip on my coat would be a useful addition. Humans remove their insulation and resemble my colleague, the Sphinx cat.

Humans spend time deciding what to wear, they have all designs. If you are a cat, you either have short hair or long hair and who cares about colour. We are colour blind, so no problem.

There is no frigidity in the feline world. I am always telling Mrs. Human to leave the window open to enable my freedom of entering and leaving, but I have to make do with a cat flap, but that’s life in a human house.

Daily Feline Prompt: Frigid Feline