Daily Feline Prompt: Thwarted Feline


“You have done it again Mrs. Human.”

“What have I done Tabby, did I forget to empty your recycling tray?”

“No, but I will be using in in the next five minutes, so be prepared. No, it is a more serious case of feline deprivation, of imprisonment. You are preventing me to exercise my feline rights to freedom.”

“Now that sounds serious Tabby. What have I done wrong?”

“It is obvious, the window is closed. I am locked in, a criminal offence. I have been scratching for a least two minutes and am ignored.”

“i didn’t hear you, I was listening to some music.”

“Music does not exist in meow, you should be listening to my pleading meows. I could have died of suffocation being locked it.”

“I don’t think so Tabby, There are  still some windows open and your cat flap is always free for you to come and go.”

“Mrs. Human, the cat flap is on the other side of my home and I would have to paw my way until I reach it.”

“It would be quicker than scratching my window for two minutes.”

“But I am not in the mood for cat flaps. I have to wait until it reacts to my magnet on my collar.”

“Which it does immediately.”

“And the walk to another window. No, Mrs. Human, you must be ready at all times to fulfil my wishes.”

“But I just fulfilled your wish. There is a bowl of tuna fish ready for your meal.”

“OK, in that case I will not go out but eat my meal. In the meanwhile whilst I am eating, you can prepare the window for my exit.”

“But your cat flap is next to your bowl, so you can go out when you are finished eating with no problem.”

“You think there is no problem? I have had stress Mrs. Human.”

“Just eat your tuna fish Tabby.”

Daily Feline Promot: Thwarted Feline

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