Daily Feline Prompt: Rushing Feline



If there is one firm rule in the 9 lives of a feline, it is “Never Rush”. What is the point in rushing anywhere. I like to take my time and savour it. There are only 24 hours in a day, and at least 20 are necessary for a full and relaxing sleep. There is then the question of what to do with the remaining four hours.

Life is one stress for us felines. We must have time for producing hairballs, although if the process works, they will be expelled in a few minutes.  And then the visits to the recycling tray which also need time. If you use the garden, there will be more time involved. There might be stones in the way when covering your products. I prefer the litter box, with its comfortable little tailored made stones, and if you are lucky your human might even supply the special litter with the scented stones. Unfortunately my human only uses them if there is a so-called “special offer” meaning they do not cost so much. That is the hardest lesson to teach a human. Money should play no part in the care of their feline, we deserve to be treated as the gods we were. However there are some parts of the human character that are difficult to train. They spare no money on the horrors we must indulge at the cursed vets, but for our luxury they find that money should be saved.

And then there is time we need for an ear to paw lick wash. That is exhausting. However, there is the reward of food in between. Tuna fish is a gift for the feline. No time is wasted in chewing, it can be swallowed and savoured. On the other paw if your meal is vitamin pellets, than more time should be calculated. They must be chewed and that takes time. It is no good trying to rush, because they get stuck in the throat.

It all leads to one important rule. Train your human well. It is a slow process, humans cannot be rushed into doing anything, but with patience and time they will learn. Sometimes a paw swipe or two might help on the way.

Daily Feline Prompt: Rushing Feline

13 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Rushing Feline

  1. Pacing is all, as you rightly note, Tabby. No rushing, please. Do you do cat races? Tearing about the house at a very high speed? My cats did them a lot when they were young–hunting training, they told me. Racing is not rushing.

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