Daily Feline Prompt: Frothy Feline


There are times when I want to get away from it all. Avoid the stress of daily feline life. I find a quiet place for myself, one that it for just I, me and myself. I am in the closet. Mrs. Human opened the door and before she had a chance to close it again, I hopped in. This time I made sure she saw me go in as there have been times when she has closed the door and my pleading meows were not heard calling to open the door.

This time it was perfect, she left the door open as  her attempts to remove me were met with a few hisses, scratches and feline resistance.

So here I am, the purrfect place: closed in on three sides and the fourth left as an escape route. I have not yet decided how long I will stay, it is very comfortable lying between human clothing. But wait, I can hear the clank of a tin opener and its cutting sound. I believer that a tin of tuna fish is being opened, the scent of its juice is already reaching my delicate nose sensors. The question is shall I go, or shall I stay.

If I stay I will definitely die from hunger, but if I go there will be food. If I eat it quickly I can return to the cupboard afterwards.

“Oh, there you are Tabby, I thought you was staying in the cupboard all day. Now I can close the door.”

“But Mrs. Human….”

“Yes Tabby, your food is ready.”

“I thought I would return to the cupboard afterwards.”

“Tabby you cannot have the fish and the cupboard, and stop frothing at the mouth.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Frothy Feline

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