Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Crank


I know that most of you find me perfect, beautiful and just the best, but have you ever seen the details of my tail? It is not just an attachment for balance, no feline needs something for balancing, we are natural talents at everything. The tail is the dot on the “i”, the detail to show how well made we are.  Some of you might think it necessary to put me in motion, but it is not a crank, it is the final attachment of perfection. Note the variations of colour: a black band, then a mixed tabby contrast and again black. Yes, my tail is the crowning glory of my dress. It is also very useful for the final touch when sleeping, as the perfect wrap. It is quite long and I like to hold it upright when walking, showing all the designer details. Of course I have won the prize of tail of the year a few times, as my tail is unique, like most of me. And now I must go, it is time for a tail cleaning session.

Remember kittens, always look after your tails, and they will look after you.

Daily Feline Prompt: Crank

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