Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Genie


“There you are Tabby, I was looking for you everywhere. I was quite worried, where were you”

“I was patrolling my territory.”

“But you were gone for some time. I thought something might have happened.”

“I am old enough to look after myself Mrs. Human. I have to check now and again to ensure that there are no invaders. Roschti, the ginger tom next door, has had his eye on my realm for some time.”

“But Tabby, there is enough space here for both of you.”

“I know Mrs. Human, but territory is not something that you share. If you let one feline in, they all arrive. Perhaps you should install an electric fence around my area, with alarm signals. Yes, that would be ideal. You could then tell the invaders to go when there is a signal.”

“No Tabby, we live in a village, and not in a prison. Humans respect each others possessions.”

“Respect? Does not exist in meow Mrs. Human. Every feline is ready to grab what is not secure. Perhaps you could organise floodlights to illuminate my territory at night. That would keep them away.”

“But Tabby, it would also keep the birds and mice away.”

“Now that is a problem of course. The main items of my feline diet would be gone. There is only one solution Mrs. Human. You must be more observant and guard what is mine.”

“Perhaps I should get a dog. A dog would keep other felines away.”

“Forget it, I see that this conversation is leading nowhere.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Genie

8 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Genie

  1. Cats must maintain their independence. One of my cats, a beautiful diluted calico by the name of Beni, disappeared for a week around New Year’s during one of the coldest spells of the year. We were so happy when she came home, I think she did it to remind us to be grateful that she chose us for her family. I also suspect that she has another family as well. So don’t lock yourself in Tabby just to keep the other felines out.

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    • Tabby no longer wanders so far, she is now an ederly lady. We had a blind cat that disappeared fr three days. We think he was locked in somewhere. Suddenly he turned up again, and spent the day sleeping and eating. Afterwards everything was back to normal for him. We were relieved.

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      • Cats can add so much to our lives, but they sure give us gray hairs at the same time! Tabby deserves to survey her kingdom in peace. Enjoy Tabby, you’ve earned it.

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