Daily Feline Prompt: Feline parallels


“Mrs. Human, I have a problem.”

“Oh dear, then I must make an appointment for you with the vet.”

“Not that sort of problem. I am feeling completely healthy. I even managed to produce a perfect hairball.”

“I noticed, although a hairball is never really a perfect product.”

“Do not change the subject, humans have never appreciated feline hairballs. No, it is a cosmetic problem. I have more whiskers on one side than the other and they are not growing parallel. One is even curled”

“But that is normal Tabby, Whiskers do what they want.”

“It spoils my perfection. Perhaps I should have a whisker transplant.”

“No Tabby, not even the vet will do that for you.”

“But my good looks are spoilt, I will never have a chance of being feline of the year with my misplaced whiskers.”

“Tabby I am sure no-one will notice your whisker problem. Of course I could trim them with scissors to get them all the same length, but they would have to be half the length to get them all parallel.”

“Short whiskers! Does not come into the question Mrs. Human. No self respecting  tabby feline has short whiskers and I could die with whisker frost bite.”

“Perhaps if I removed a few with my tweezers, it would then looks more balanced.”

“You mean pull them out. No way, I would have to go to the vet for anaesthetic.”

“I don’t think so, just a quick pull and the whisker is removed. Tabby where are you going. Now she has walked off. I think she is annoyed and I only wanted to help.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Parallels

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