Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Mallet


“Tabby, Tabby, answer me.”

“Stop shouting Mrs. Human, it hurts my ears.”

“Thank goodness, I have been calling and there was no answer. I was very worried.”

“Ok, say it, your thought I had a life less. As you can see I am alive and kicking. Actually I was having one of my favourite dreams where the felines again took over the world. We were in charge and all the humans bowed down to us. Dreams like that you savour and enjoy and when a human with its booming voice disturbs I try to ignore it. The problem is that humans never give up and they get strange ideas. If you had held a plate of tuna fish under my nose you would have realised the immediate reaction and you would have discovered that I am still living my fourth life.”

“But I care for you Tabby, and was worried.”

“And so it should be, but do not overdo it. And now leave me to sleep on. When a feline sleeps we can do it all on our own. A quiet warm place in the sun with a bowl of water near in case I might wake an be thirsty. We need no help to sleep, not even a knock on the head with a mallet, we invented the science of sleep.”

“Yes Tabby, of course, felines can do everything.”

“Not quite, the opposable thumbs have not yet evolved, but when we have them, you might be redundant.”

“You mean you will no longer need me.”

“I will find a few tasks for you to perform. Even with opposable thumbs I will not stoop to cleaning my recycling tray. There are certain little pleasures I will leave you so Mrs. Human, do not worry. And now leave me to sleep, I was at the part where I had my own diamond studied cat flap to enter my kingdom.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Mallet

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