Daily Feline Prompt: Partaking Feline


Every day I have to partake in this Feline Prompt. Perhaps I do not have time in my busy life, but no consideration for my feelings is taken into account. “Tabby it is time for a photo” or “Tabby tell me what you did today”. Mrs. Human can really be annoying and a stress creator. She is so concerned on writing my blog, that she is not paying enough attention on preparing my tuna fish, emptying my recycling tray and preparing my sleeping places. She really only thinks of herself sometimes.

I am also someone, the centre of her world. I have to remind her now and again. I waited a full minute for her to open the window and let me out this afternoon. Her excuse? I can use the cat flap. The cat flap is on the other side of my home. You see how selfish she can be expecting me to paw my way to the other side. That is exhausting, I tell you humans really only think of themselves.  I get more care and consideration from the wall that I stare at. The wall understands my needs. We do not lose many words over the situation, but for me it is therapy. Staring at a wall helps to relieve the stress of my day. I can sleep much better afterwards.

Today I almost had insomnia, and only slept for 10 hours instead of the usual 16 hours. Why do humans have to make so much noise when they open my tins of tuna fish with a tin opener. And filling my bowl with water could also be completed with less noise. A gentle trickle of water does the job just as well as opening the tap as if it was the Niagara Falls.

Humans can be annoying, but as a feline I have to put up with it. One day we will be recognised as the gods we once were. In the meanwhile we just have to put up with the egoism of the humans. If only they could be as perfect as we felines are.

Daily Feline Prompt: Partaking Feline

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