Daily Feline Prompt: Bestowed Feline


“It’s that time of the year again when I move to the great outdoors. There are things to disover and to do.”

“Yes Tabby, but before you sniff around too much and disappear in the long grass, I have something for you.”

“You mean a food parcel Mrs. Human, in case I get hungry on my travels.”

“Not exactly, but come here.”

“Just a moment, what is that you have your hand. It looks very familiar.”

“It is for your own good Tabby. When you begin to creep around in the undergrowth you can pick up all sort of insects. Just a drop of this liquid on your fur and it disperses and kills them before they have a chance.  Come here.”

“No way, it is my fur and you are not going to touch it.”

“Tabby, just a drop on your neck.”

“No, that is the worst olace you can put it. I cannot reach it with my tongue.”

“You are not supposed to reach it. I am sure you do not want to have worms throughout the summer.”

“I have never seen a worm in my fur, that is just another story from the vet to make you buy his poison and make my life a misery. Mrs. Human, what are you doing, stop, no I will die.”

“So that is the job done and now you will be worm free.”

“I can feel the pain, it is entering my body, I have only a few minutes to live Mrs. Human.”

“Rubbish, it is all in the mind. You are perfectly healthy thanks to the medicine. You will have a worm free and tic free summer.”

“Tics, I have never seen a tic or a worm. I tell you it is all a story invented by the vets.”

“Of course you have never seen a worm, they live inside of you, and tics hide in your fur and suck your blood.”

“I have just realised that I am living a dangerous life Mrs. Human.”

“Not at all Tabby. thanks to me and the vets and the medicine you are a very healthy feline and stop trying to lick the medicine away from your neck.”

“But it is taking over my body I can feel it entering. Just grant me one last dying wish Mrs. Human.”

“You are not dying Tabby, but what is it, just for the sake of peace and quiet.”

“A bowl of tuna fish as a last meal. All victims are granted a last wish.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Bestowed Feline

10 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Bestowed Feline

  1. Thanks for reminding me! It’s time to inflict this suffering upon Dusty and Bear. Yr pal, Martha

    Tabby, by the way, IF you got a tick it would be much worse than the drops. I know from experience. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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  2. The last Tick was on my sister Nera. It had fed well and fell off and Mrs. Human trod on it. Did she get hysterical with all that blood on the stone floor. By the way I am still alive, anther life almost lost on the way.

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  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from your dosing, Tabby. And if the tuna meal was your last, I do hope you enjoyed it. Martha and Dusty are correct, you would not enjoy the tick experience–first they drink some of your blood, and then they leave some viral calling cards that can make you even more ill than the suspect medicine.

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    • I will survive, but need to recover with a very long sleep. My sister Nera lived with tics all her life. I think she adopted them. I have never really had a tic, but Mrs. Human says it is because I endure the medicine she gives me. I decided the tuna meal will not be my last, it was too good to leave behind.

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  4. If Mrs. Human did not love you so much, she would not protect you 🙂 Besides, maybe you can sweet talk her into more tuna for you emotional distress 😉

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