Daily Feline Prompt: Elaborate Feline


“Let me in, I am dying of neglect.”

“Tabby you look quite healthy to me and your cat flap is open.”

“My cat flap is on the other side and I will have to go on a walk to get there. In the meanwhile anything could happen. I could be attacked by a dog, die of starvation and thirst and it might rain: not to think about the sky falling on my head.”

“Tabby, do not exaggerate, it is only a short distance and not all felines have their own door.”

“It is a shorter distance through this window and would be less exhaustion if you would open it. You are again taking advantage of the fact that I do not have opposable thumbs. And what have you done to your fur Mrs. Human. Have you become a British short hair human?”

“No Tabby, I went to the hairdresser to have my hair cut.”

“Is that something like a human vet?”

“I just wanted to have shorter hair.”

“Did you have tics and fleas. Perhaps you should put that stuff on the back of your neck to get rid of them.”

“Tabby humans wash and keep themselves clean so there is no great danger of getting insects in our hair.”

“I also have a good lick with my tongue at least three times a day, and I can scratch in places that you do not even know exist, but I still have to endure the evil curse of medicine being absorbed into my body.”

“That is something completely different Tabby, your body is covered with fur and all sorts of germs can crawl into it.”

“In future I would prefer to go to the hairdresser. I have seen them on my pawpad. They can even make your fur curl, or you can have your fur in a different colours. I would love to be a redhead, just like Garfield and perhaps I could have my fur more in layers. I would become feline of the year.”

“But what about your Macdonalds “M” on your forehead. That would disappear.”

“That could be coloured white.That would be very original.”

“No Tabby, stay as you are, that is much better and for such elaborate details, I would really have to send you to the vet.”

“In that case, I will remain my usual beautiful self. So where’s the tuna fish.”

“Coming immediately Tabby”

Daily Feline Prompt: Elaborate Feline