Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Tide


Today I will take a writer’s break. I like to drink water, I even like to feel the taste by dipping my paw into my bowl of water. The delight is savouring the drops on the paw, licking them one by one and allowing them to slip down your throat, a culinary thrill with every drop. However, today the talk is of tide. I am not a ship’s feline, it was never my ambition to sit on a ship swaying with the motion and probably become meowsick, which is worst that being seasick.

The only tidal wave I experience is when constructing a hairball, and I will not go into details, kittens may be reading.

I will now take a well deserved rest after organising my human which is exhausting enough. She insists she is tired after emptying my litter tray, and preparing my food, whereas these are worthy duties and she should be glad that she has the honour of performing them.

And now I will sleep, floating on a tide of feline dreams.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Tide