Daily Feline Prompt: Flaunting Feline


When I walk into the garden, they all turn their eyes
Swaying oh so feline, not only sexy but wise
The other cats are jealous, I impress them all with charm
To be unique and exclusive can really cause alarm
I can hear them whispering, her whiskers are so plenty
It really is astonishing, there must be more than twenty
And then they see my forehead, anointed with an M
I have the MacDonalds emblem, it really is a gem
Just looking in a mirror, I have to remain for hours
And where my paws touch the ground, I leave behind fresh flowers
Who do I have to thank for these signs of perfect wealth?
There is no other reason it ‘s just I.  me and myself.

Daily Feline Prompt: Flaunting Feline

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