Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Laughter


“Tabby, give me a little laugh for the camera.”

“Mrs. Human I do not do laughs, unless perhaps you a willing to make a donation for my laugh.”

“No Tabby, you do not pay for laughs. You laugh because you find something funny.”

“Funny does not exist in meow. We take life seriously, all nine of our lives, even the ones we lost on the way. My lost 4 lives still miss me and I miss them. And the five lives I still have are not prepared to make jokes. They are a serious matter. So if you happen to have a tin of tuna fish ready to serve, I might raise the corners of my mouth and show my wonderfully shaped teeth, which I  believe qualifies for a human smile.”

“But you should make a laughing noise at the same time.”

“Not possible Mrs. Human. Do you really think we felines would have been worshipped as gods if we had laughed when the humans bowed down to us and made statues of us. Of course there was the Cheshire cat, invented by a human, but that was just fantasy. No feline sits in a tree and laughs. It is not a laughing matter. We spend energy getting into the tree and there we sit wondering how to get back again. Mrs. Human, stop laughing, it is not funny.”

“But why climb the tree?”

“Why did the humans climb Mount Everest, the answer is obvious, because it was there. And do not forget, we left the trees before the human race even thought about it.”

“So no smile for me.”

“The facial muscles do not allow it and I am not in a mood for smiling, more eating. Of course the tuna fish might help for a smile, on the other paw, I like to enjoy my tuna fish plain and straight faced.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Laughter

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