Daily Feline Prompt: Forest Feline


Here I am saying goodbye to my world, my wall, my food bowls and my various sleeping places. To Mrs. Human – no it is not necessary, she is programmed to search for me if I do not return.

I love forests, I can really forget myself in a forest. On one special day I decided to follow the path to uncharted places. I tuned in my whiskers which are a built in compass, to make sure I would not lose my way and then carefully placed one paw in front of the other, feeling the vibrations of the earth sending me messages of moving things beneath the surface. Suddenly I saw it, a hole in the ground and I could hear sounds. I had discovered a mouse hole. I decided it was time for action and placed my paw at the entrance to patiently wait.

How the time flies when you are having fun. It was then that I heard the sound of human footsteps approaching, the ground was shaking with their impact. If I had not been concentrating so much on the entrance to the mouse-hole, I would have perhaps noticed that the mouse had been concentrating on me sitting behind a stone that was marking the exit mouse-hole. Not only did I now have the stress of mouse watching, but human watching was occurring. I had a choice, shall I wait patiently for the mouse, which was actually watching me, or do I report to my human to soothe her nerves.

The human was now standing before me and I saw the tail of a mouse disappearing into the horizon. Of course the mouse has priority but unfortunately it disappeared into the forest before I had a chance to catch it. The result was my human who was now relieved that she found me: was it really four hours that she last saw me. She was so glad, how could I disappoint her and I knew that compensation would be in the shape of an appetising bowl of tuna fish. A fresh mouse would also be acceptable Рremind me to show Mrs. Human how to catch a mouse  and prepare souris a vin which is my favourite.

Daily Feline Prompt: Forest Feline