You found me, good. They pushed me out of the daily prompts and said they did not want me any more. Me, the best thing that ever happened since the tin opener. I have now created my own little place. Just give me a pawshake and say a meow and you will find me every day, unless I might oversleep. That can happen now and again.

Today was smooth runnings. I awoke to a fresh day with sunshine and noises of the slugs advancing in the undergrowth, so changed my position to inside where it was quiet and less sticky from the slugs. I decided to sleep a few hours. In the distance I heard Mr.and Mrs. Human leaving on a   quest for more tins of tuna fish I hope. She said something about week-end shopping. They returned and woke me up with noises of getting things ready for their dinner. Unfortunately they do not eat tuna fish, but they had some salmon so I sat next to the table staring to give them a bad conscience until they gave me some.

An hour later Mrs. Human decided to sleep so I joined her. Funny that humans do not sleep as much as we felines. And now I a taking a few minutes rest in the garden. Life can be so exhausting. Now and again I changed my position due to the sun moving which can be very annoying. Suns should stay where they are.

It looks like it will be an exciting evening. I decided to stay outside, when the sun goes down, on the nice warm tiles on the patio. It is then that I become a cat on a hot tiled patio.