“Tabby come here immediately.”

“Is something wrong Mrs. Human?”

“Look at the surface of my sunbed.”

“I am looking, looks very comfortable and by the way, it is my sunbed, very comfortable to lay on when relaxing. Yes, I have spent many happy hours on that bed.”

“Tabby, it is not your sunbed.”

“Who says? Of course you can use it if I do not need it. So what is the problem.”

“It is full of cat fur.”

“And? That is a sign of my possession of the sunbed.”

“That is a sign of an unplesant surface to lay on. I will now have to sped the next hour brushing the fur away.”

“That is OK Mrs. Human, it does not bother me, you can leave it.”

“But it bothers me because I want to lie on it.”

“No chance Mrs. Human, so you can just keep cool. The sunbed is now in the shade and perfect for a few hours feline sleep. You can sit on the chair or perhaps lay on your bed thing indoors.”

“But I want to sit outside and read a book.”

“Then take a chair on the porch, there are 5 chairs and you only need one.”

“Perhaps you could take a chair. You do not need such a large sunbed Tabby, you curl up in any case and do not need the head or foot rest.”

“But looks count Mrs. Human. Imagine sleeping curled up on a chair on the porch and you are stretched out on the sunbed. If one of the other cats sees that I will be the joke of the neighbourhood.”

“Yes Tabby. And if I sit on a chair whilst you sleep on the sunbed, then I will be the joke of the neighbourhood.”

“Not my problem Mrs. Human.”


21 thoughts on “Meow

  1. Well done Tabby sometimes humans forget how us felines were worshipped long ago and nothing should change. Enjoy your sun bed.๐Ÿ˜ธ๐Ÿ˜ป

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  2. Hi Tabby, Martha here. As you know, Dusty and Bear are at the kennel. I have been amazed at how much less housework I have without them here, laying claim to the fur-niture with their hair. I’m sharing this insight with you, possibly as a subtle warning. Yr Pal, Martha

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  3. We kind of gave up on the whole “hair is everywhere” thing. We vacuum. We change the sofa covers. But we also wear clothing that when it gets too hairy, into the laundry it goes. We actually have special “dog hair clothing.” Because they are NOT going to stay off the furniture, not even when we are already ON the furniture and there’s no room for them. They will do their best to push us off if they have to.

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    • Dog owners have more problems I think. Tabby is a sort hair and sheds discretely. You get the impression it is no problem until one day, when you sit on a chair outside or the sun shines in the right place, you notice that the cushions are gradually changing their colour to Tabby. Otherwise we have leather armchairs so it is no problem


  4. Polly is generous and lets me have the use of the chairs, she prefers the cushion at the back so my lounge suite cushions all have a sagging, squashed look; and cat hair. A rubber bristled brush does wonders between vacuums.


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