Feline Ragtag Daily Prompt#3: Feline Imagination

Meow Fans, it is Tabby here, your resident feline again blogging daily like the good old days. Imagination? I have 9 lives full of imagination, unfortunately 4 got mislaid somewhere on the way.

“Where are you going Tabby”

Another silly question from Mrs. Human. It is obvious where I am going. I am on safari, exploring my origins, back to the past. I am a feline, a direct descendant from the sabre toothed tigers of the olden days.  Admittedly my teeth have receded somewhat, and even my claws are not what they used to be, but I can still scrape the top surface of the world below. We used to hunt snakes and creatures with armour on their backs. Things are not as they used to be, and an urban tiger like myself has to make the most of what it has.

We now hunt earthworms and snails, although eating snails is not so appetising. First you have to bite through the shell and afterwards the meat sticks to everything. The pterodactyls of the sky have also disappeared, but now and again if I am lucky, I will capture a butterfly  between my paws. I was probably born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And now I must go, I can hear a rumbling in the distance: a mouse is digging a tunnel. I must go and help. They are a welcome variation to my boring meals of vitamin pellets. A sabre toothed tabby needs no pellets. we want the real thing, like blood and thunder and everything that belongs to the life of a wannabe tiger.

Feline Ragtag Daily Prompt#3: Feline Imagination

20 thoughts on “Feline Ragtag Daily Prompt#3: Feline Imagination

  1. Welcome Tabby. It seems as though Martha’s smilodons have awakened your ancestral memories. They did for Lucy as well.Better to be your current version in order to have a service human’s assistance, but a longing for the “good old days” is there.

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    • I often lay away at night (not night but most of the time during the day as well) and can feel the vibrations of their feet pounding through the earth and their calls to me to join them. Yes, I am destined for higher things than just a Tabby cat existence.

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