Feline RDP#6: Feline Meowmares


“Tabby, what are you doing hiding under the table on the chair.”

“I am recovering from a meowmare Mrs. Human.”

“What happened?”

“I had a dream that humans took over the world and we felines were just their pets.”

“Oh I see, and what happened.”

“We only got tuna fish to eat once a week. We had to beg for permission to go out. The worst was the scientific food products. It was all tasteless hard pellets. No human cooked a chicken for us or prepared steak. It was all in a plastic bag. The fresh pellets were not too bad, but after a day they had no taste. I awoke meowing for mercy, me a feline, it was so degrading.”

“I think you can come out Tabby, there is nothing to fear.”

“But that wasn’t all Mrs. Human. The Humans had a new president and it was a cucumber, a giant cucumber.”

“And felines are frightened of cucumbers.”

“Of course Mrs. Human, they want to destroy the feline race. But this chief cucumber had hair.”

“Cucumbers do not have hair.”

“This was a meowmare Mrs. Human and believe me it had carrot coloured hair. Imagine a president with carrot coloured hair, and being a cucumber. And he ordered that walls should be built separating the felines from the humans.”

“Yes Tabby, that would scare me as well I must admit.”

Feline RDP#6: Feline Meowmares

15 thoughts on “Feline RDP#6: Feline Meowmares

  1. Oh, dear, Tabby — I’m afraid the carrot-haired cucumber was meddling in elections again yesterday, omitting voters from the rolls! I hope you have a good day sleeping off that meowmare — enjoy your human when you wake up!

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