Feline RDP#7: Feline Purple


“Mrs. Human, what am I supposed to do with this cover on my back. Is it some sort of new protection against the sun. You are always trying new stuff out.”

“No Tabby, it is for our blogs on the computer. Today’s theme is purple.”

“Oh great, so I have to run around with a purple cover. You are not wearing purple Mrs. Human.”

“But Tabby I though you were colour blind.”

“We felines do not do colours, but we do anything to humour our humans when they have another stupid idea. To be quite honest every thing you wear looks the same to me, it just covers up your furless body. I do not need anything to wear Mrs. Human so remove this stupid cloth from my body.”

“No problem Tabby, I have taken my photo.”

“You have taken a photo of me with this body wrap and afterwards it will be displayed so that all the other felines can see it.”

“Just my colleagues on the blogging site Tabby.”

“And what about the felines that own your colleagues. They will see it as well and all respect for my position in the feline world will disappear. Feline gods do not wear cloths on their body We have a natural beauty and especially not such cloths you use for washing your furless face. We have our own cleaning system known as tongue.”

“Well I think it is a very good action photo of you. It is not quite purple, but the best I could find.”

“And I do not care if it was any colour, except for cucumber colour. What are you doing with that cucumber Mrs. Human.”

“I am preparing a salad for the evening meal.”

“You are eating it? That makes my hairballs real works of art in comparison.”

“Ok Tabby, I will make a cucumber salad and you can go outside and design your work of art, but not on the porch. The grass would be a better match.”

“OK, it’s a deal and no more photos today.”

“Of course not Tabby. I have our today’s photo, will have to see what tomorrow brings.”


Feline RDP#7: Feline Purple