Feline RDP#9: Feline Ragabash


It is a raggabashy afternoon when the sun is shining. The birds fly beneath the shady branches of the tree, so no birds for dinner. The mice hide in the ground and stay cool, so no mice for something in between. I am left with hard vitamin pallets.

“Mrs.Human I am hungry.”

“You have enough food in your bowl.”

“That is not food, that is ragabash rubbish.”

“It is what?”

“I have learned a new word. Anything that is worthless and riff raff, is ragabash, just like the hard indigestible food pellets you serve every day in my bowl. That is pure ragabash food.”

“But they are good for you.”

“16 hours sleep a day is also good for me, but I do not have to chew it for an hour before I can swallow it. My sleep is my relaxation and the vitamin pellets are hard work. First of all I have to exercise my teeth to diminish their size into swallowable bites. Give me tuna fish.”

“There is no tuna fish Tabby, we used the last tin yesterday.”

“I do not remember eating tuna fish yesterday.”

“You didn’t, I made a salad for Mr. Human and myself.”

“That is plain selfish. What about me? Felines first.”

“Not yesterday Tabby, you had enough to eat in your dish.”

“Because I was saving the pellets for later. Now I am starving, I will die of hunger.  I have been living on riffraff, on brown pellets. I need something more nutritious.”

“Sorry Tabby, although I could make you a cucumber dish. Tabby, where are you going – she has disappeared and is burying herself beneath the bushes. Strange animals felines.”

Feline RDP#9: Feline Ragabash