Feline RDP#10: Feline Limerence


I beg your pardon. Just look at me, I am perfect: the most beautiful body, with an exquisite and unique fur. There is no room in my world for being obsessed with another person, feline or anything. Perhaps I could make an exception for my wall, but my wall is also convinced that I am perfect.

Humans are there to serve, so there is no discussion about being infatuated with a human. As long as the food bowl is filled and fresh water arrives regularly, they are doing the job they have been given. I insist on a clean recycling tray and I must say that is the case, although I have heard Mrs. Human saying it is necessary otherwise it will smell. Me smell? Never. Like Siddartha where I walk lotus flowers spring from my pawprints and in my tray there are scents that are incomparable.

Of course I am admired by all the other felines, when I walk pass they hiss and show their claws – a typical feline sign of envy that they are not as pefect as I am. As soon as we felines return to the status that we had in the old country, as gods, I am sure to be one of the first that all will bow down to and worship. I am so talented ┬áThere is nothing better. Kings, Queens and Presidents have all requested me to take them over and honour their residences with my presence, but I will stay the normal unspoilt modest feline that I am with Mrs. Human, she costs nothing. Limerence does not exist in meow, unless talking about myself.

Feline RDP#10: Feline Limerence