Feline RDP#10: Feline Limerence


I beg your pardon. Just look at me, I am perfect: the most beautiful body, with an exquisite and unique fur. There is no room in my world for being obsessed with another person, feline or anything. Perhaps I could make an exception for my wall, but my wall is also convinced that I am perfect.

Humans are there to serve, so there is no discussion about being infatuated with a human. As long as the food bowl is filled and fresh water arrives regularly, they are doing the job they have been given. I insist on a clean recycling tray and I must say that is the case, although I have heard Mrs. Human saying it is necessary otherwise it will smell. Me smell? Never. Like Siddartha where I walk lotus flowers spring from my pawprints and in my tray there are scents that are incomparable.

Of course I am admired by all the other felines, when I walk pass they hiss and show their claws – a typical feline sign of envy that they are not as pefect as I am. As soon as we felines return to the status that we had in the old country, as gods, I am sure to be one of the first that all will bow down to and worship. I am so talented ย There is nothing better. Kings, Queens and Presidents have all requested me to take them over and honour their residences with my presence, but I will stay the normal unspoilt modest feline that I am with Mrs. Human, she costs nothing. Limerence does not exist in meow, unless talking about myself.

Feline RDP#10: Feline Limerence

7 thoughts on “Feline RDP#10: Feline Limerence

  1. Hi Tabby, Martha here. There are humans who have the same self-regard as cats have for themselves. One of these is the immense cucumber who resides in Washington DC. What is quite charming and natural in felines does NOT work for humans. Yr pal, Martha

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