Feline RDP#11: Feline Bastion


Do  I have an inviting look on my face, do you think I allow anyone, be it human or feline, to enter my private locations? It is only for the special, those that belong and I say who belongs. This is my territory, sprayed in various places to show where the borders are. Luckily Mrs. Human recognises my power over my home and would never enter my sleeping quarters without an acknowledging light stroke on my fur. If I agree I allow her to perform a tummy tickle. However I say when and how.

If I am sleeping she has orders not to disturb and to keep her radio quiet. I discovered that this TV thing can be most annoying, but I usually retire  when she switches on. I have a territorial section outside which is my own private realm. Mrs. Human has been employed to keep any strange felines out. I suggested making a wire fence around my territory but she refused saying there might be problems with the neighbours. Felines never have problems with the neighbours, we have claws and teeth and hisses to keep everything under control.

Mrs. Human also says that not everyone likes felines. What an insult, I am the most pleasant of all felines. I can be very helpful, if I am rewarded with some tuna fish, or perhaps a twig of catnip. Everything has it price in life. Mrs. Human knows I will protect our home against any intrusions, after Mrs. Human has made sure that there is no danger to one of my lives by a preliminary inspection.

Yes together we are strong. I am very generous and always say “humans first”.

Feline RDP#11: Feline Bastion