Feline RDP#12: Feline Atavism


“Tabby why do you always put your paw in the bowl when you are drinking?”

“That is obvious Mrs. Human. My mum did it, her mum did it and even all my brothers and sisters did it. I am not sure whether my dad did it, but no-one is really sure what he did. He only stayed for a few minutes and disappeared afterwards. Mum didn’t even remember what he looked like. What a beginning in life!”

“But what is the purpose of putting your paw in the water.”

“Mrs. Human do not ask silly questions. That is obvious. All my ancesters on the maternal side did it. Just imagine not doing it, it would be a catastrophe.”

“What is the problem?”

“I have to hold the water to stop it slipping away. Just imagine scooping it up with your tongue and suddenly you have an empty tongue. The paw makes sure that the water stays.”

“But the water stays in the bowl in any case, even if you do not put your paw in the water.”

“How do you know. Have you ever seen me drink water without having my paw in the bowl?

“No Tabby, that is why I am asking. I thought it might be to stop the bowl slipping away.”

“It is all a chain reaction Mrs. Human. I put my paw in the water to stop the water from disappearing and to stop the bowl from moving. There is also the added pleasure of licking the water from the paw. And before you ask, water at paw temperature is the best you can have. Now if you would perhaps do something useful like emptying my recycling tray, or filling my bowl with tuna fish, I can drink my water in peace and quiet without having to answer silly questions from a human.”

Feline RDP#12: Feline Atavism