Feline RDP#14: Feline Julienne


I like my food in mouth sized pieces , although if the food is worthy of the size I will manage to swallow anything. Here you can see me having a digesting sleep. It is important, no mater what is eaten, to allow the body to digest the various parts: ears, whiskers, legs, wings, or whatever, Even beaks can be worth a chew. It depends, of course, on what is on the menu. There is one rule to be observed, never eat a tail. It is not so much the tail but its attachment. My mum told me to leave the tails, although my apprentice, Fluffy (may he be happy in the eternal corn chambers) decided they were just as tasty as the rest. I have memories of him today with a mouse tail handing out of his mouth when he was on the last bite. He just got the wrong end of the mouse sometimes.

Of course we will not even bother to discuss the sizes of the vitamin pellets – it is not the size that is important, but the actual insult of being given such human made objects to eat. Even if they were in Julienne sized pieces, I would avoid them. Now tuna fish is a different kettle of fish (I think that is humour, but we do not have the word humour in meow, we have no laugh muscles). Tuna can be in all sizes, it makes no difference. As long as it is swimming in juice and is bone free (I have a preference for filleted food) then you can eat it. It might take an hour to eat a complete tuna fish, but what a wonderful hour.

And now I can hear the sound of the tin opener and must go. I do not want to miss anything, I might not get a second chance. I told Mrs. Human not to reduce the size of the tuna fish pieces, I eat with the eyes and the bigger the better.

Feline RDP#14: Feline Julienne