Feline RDP#15: Feline Cataract


There is a fly on my nose, it looks very blurred
We Felines are short sighted, is what I have heard
A mouse in a field which can be far away
Is really no problem, and I know he  will stay
He cannot see me, but I can see him
I could pounce for the kill, just at a whim
Although I am older and my reactions not sure
I will let him walk further and be so demure
The birds are now sitting on branches too high
When I was younger I would jump to the sky
Age is upon me, but I still have my wish
Mrs. Human opens cans full of juicy tuna fish
Cataracts of energy no longer flow, but I do not worry
When my energy is low
I have my slaves, the humans are there
They recognize my status and for me they will care
So roll on the rivers of food and delight
My kingdom is here, all I do is sit tight

Feline RDP#15: Feline Cataract

11 thoughts on “Feline RDP#15: Feline Cataract

    • I had a bind cat through an accident. The Problem was that he never realised he was blind and he was always disappearing and we gehadert to search for him. We often found him somewhere in the village and he would struggle to come home again


    • I thought using “cataracts” had to have been a typo. Figuring I might have been mistaken, I googled it and found several “hits” that defined “cataracts” as “waterfall.” One gave that as the first definition; Merrian-Webster included it as a second definition. Learned something new today!

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  1. It must be a sign of our age that all the posts today except yours use the eye definition of cataract! Thank you for bringing the rushing energy (rushing water) definition into the mix!

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