Feline RDP#17: Feline Antediluvian


“Tabby you have been sitting on the lawn for at least an hour.”

“Shh, I am waiting.”

“What are you waiting for.”

“I am waiting for the big ship. Look up into the sky, it is black and it will soon rain. You as a human should know what will happen.”

“Yes Tabby, it means that I will not have to give my garden any water, because it will rain.”

“That is why I am waiting. I do not like rain, and I will be the first on board.”

“On board what?”

“On the big boat, the ark. I just hope that the guy with the long beard does not choose the feline next door as my partner.”

“But Tabby, that happened thousands of years ago, if at all. Today we have things like dams to stop the oceans from rising and covering the earth with water.”

“You never know Mrs. Human and I cannot swim, but neither can the feline next door, which is his bad luck. I hope I don’t have to share a cabin with dogs. Perhaps they will put me together with the tigers, or even better with some birds.”

“Yes Tabby, you might be lucky and be able to share with a vulture and an eagle.”

“I mean the edible kind of bird and not winged monsters.”

“It has now began to rain Tabby and the ship has not yet arrived.”

“In that case I will wait indoors. Tell the guy that I have decided to stay at home, his boat is unreliable. And I heard there will be no fish on board.”

“Of coarse not Tabby, they swim in the sea and do not need a boat.”

Feline RDP#17: Feline Antediluvian