Feline RDP #18: Feline Stellar


Sometimes these daily prompts can get so tiresome. I have a feeling that I am repeating myself constantly, but what can I do. Life revolves around I, me and myself. I just have to keep reminding everyone how important I am. I am still eating my food from a normal bowl, bought in the store, instead of the Versace designed dish suitable for my life standards.  And I am fed with plain, average, pellets. They are apparently healthy, because of the vitamins they have, but Рvitamins do not breathe, it is dead material. Give me a bird or a mouse anytime, even tuna fish once lived. The only real living thing I see is a fly that might arrive on my paw and that is kitten food. Not for royalty like myself.

Felines were intended to lead the human race and to be respected. Something went wrong somewhere when the humans came down from the trees and got their opposable thumbs, which we felines did not get. We felines were sure we were perfect, we still are, but when the tin opener was invented (by a human), things began to go downwards. We had no chance. And then the computer arrived. I still have my pawpad, but paws are not as good as fingers. Admittedly we have claws, but typing in credit card numbers is difficult and there are so many things I would like to order. One day I will return and claim what is rightfully mine. In the meanwhile I will sleep it over “Mrs. Human fill my water trough, I am dying of hunger and my recycling tray needs to be emptied. In between give me a tummy tickle” Have to remind her now and again who is the boss here.

Feline RDP #18: Feline Stellar