RDP #19: Shaken Feline


I was shaken when I heard that I should no longer catch a bird
Mrs. Human told me no, my feelings were quite low
Vitamin pellets do not fly, which makes me want to cry
My reason for living is taken, I am feeling very shaken
I have just only one wish, a plate of tuna fish
But it seems to be getting quite rare, so Bastet hear my prayer
Let it rain tuna and its juice, I am sure it will be of use
I need a boost in my mood, and my reason to live is food
I hear a clap of thunder, the fish is falling under
Oh no, it was only a dream, six hours sleep makes me scream
But I hear the sound of a tin, I think my life has a win
Yes my human fills my dish, with some wonderful tuna fish.

RDP #19: Shaken Feline

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