Feline RDP #22: Feline Pond


I have my own pond: one of the duties of Mrs. Human. She has been given instructions to keep it filled day and night for my needs. Water is the essence of drinking. There is a rumour that felines need constant supplies of milk, but this is only for kittens. For the real felines, the important ones like myself, water is the No. 1 drink. The best water comes from above and the longer it lays on the ground the better the flavours mature. I noticed one of my feline colleagues named Lucy has also deemed fit to write an article on the importance of water for todays prompt.

It is to be compared to wine, it matures and almost lives, although maturing for too long might have too much life in it. There is nothing better as a grand cru eau de pluie to finish a meal. Whether it was a mouse or a bird, even tuna fish, water purifies the digestion- I would just give one warning. Drinking water after a meal of vitamin pellets can cause problems. The pellets begin to dissolve and expand which can lead to a case of indigestion, although by manufacturing a hair ball and expelling it immedately, this problem is soon cured.

So remember kittens, drink your milk, but also your water. Water will make you strong and will improve your spraying mechanism.

Feline RDP #22: Feline Pond