Feline RDP #23: Feline Heart


“Of course I have a heart Mrs. Human, it is part of my biological make-up.”

“In this case Tabby, it is more in the figurative sense of the word.”

“Speak meow Mrs. Human, I do not get that one and I am sure that “figurative” does not exist in meow.”

“It is more the meaning of when you give your heart to someone, perhaps a tom cat, or even to me, because you like them so much.”

“That is where the problem begins. I do not give my “heart” to anything, especially a smelly old tom cat. My mum said they have only one thing in mind, and she is the proof. I was one of many. Sometimes I meet another feline and he calls me sister which I can believe. And what’s in a name, I do not like them either. And Mrs. Human, stay cool, I am keeping my heart for I, me and myself.”

“In the meanwhile Tabby, would you stop scratching the paintwork at the entrance next to the window.”

“Mrs. Human that is a wall, and I am depositing my scent on the wall. The wall quite enjoys it. I was having a discussion with the wall yesterday and I felt that he needed more close contact.”

“Walls do not talk Tabby, they have no feelings.”

“Of course not Mrs. Human, that is because the conversations are all in telepathy. You see, walls do not have a heart, they do not need one, but they can still exist.”

“Of course it exists, but only because it is there.”

“Which proves my point. Walls are my friends. They might not have a heart, but who needs a heart when you can absorb the scent from my paws. And now I am hungry Mrs. Human, hearts do not eat tuna fish, but I do. And serve it with heart. 🙂 ”

Feline RDP #23: Feline Heart