Feline RDP#24: Feline Rejuvenation


“Sleeping Tabby?”

“is that a question or a statement Mrs. Human?”

“You tell me Tabby.”

“I was relaxing from a rejuvenation sleep.”

“You rejuvenate when sleeping?”

“Of course, at least six hours a day are necessary- Actually 23 hours a day, because we need to save an hour for searching for somewhere to sleep. I have to maintain my youthful looks , cannot afford to let my whiskers begin to droop. And I must keep fit for food hunting. ┬áThe birds, mice and other flying and creeping meals on feet do not arrive in my territory, I must search and find them. That is very exhausting work.”

“I suppose it would be Tabby, if you had to do it, but I usually open a tin or packet and fill your bowl with the food, so you just wait until you hear the food preparation signals in the kitchen and come and eat it. I cannot remember the last time you hunted for anything.”

“Shh Mrs. Human, not everyone has to know the sordid truth. What will the other felines think when they realise that I am not the fearless hunter they think I am, killing any birds and mice that may cross my pawpath. I would lose my respect. And after all I have you for the daily food supplies, so why should I raise a paw for the food.”

“Of course Tabby, I can let you get on with the food supply on your own if you would prefer to keep your reputation as the killer cat.”

“No, Mrs. Human. It is OK, I hate licking the blood from my paws afterwards. Just open the tin and fill the bowl, same process as every day. No good changing the routine, and it keeps me young of course. Just wake me up when the food is served.”

Feline RDP#24: Feline Rejuvenation