Feline RDP #25: Feline Precedent


“Tabby, sleeping again?”

“Shh, Mrs. Human. I have to concentrate.”

“I though you relax when sleeping.”

“Not if you are a feline, your brain is working overtime, especially if you are embarking on a life changing experiment and establishing a new feline precedent.”

“That sounds very serious. Will it be an improvement afterwards?”

“That depends on the result and whether I am left in peace to continue to the end.”

“Is it a long experiment?”

“That depends if I have made the right decision.”

“Ok, Tabby, don’t keep me in suspense, tell me all about it.”

“It is obvious. Do you notice the position I have taken for sleeping.”

“Definitely, you look quite cute.”

“No, Mrs. Human, this has nothing to do with being cute. This is the highest level of sleep. I have discovered a new sleeping position, something for all felines to follow. My front paw in between my back legs and I have a distinct relational curve on my back. ┬áNote the curve of the tail and my head bent to synchronise with my body. Yes, this is the utmost in sleeping I must make notes to pass on to the future generations of felines. I will call this the Tabby precedent. You should also try it Mrs. Human, I am sure you will sleep better.”

“I do not think so Tabby, although it really looks quite cute.”

“What are you doing with that camera?”

“Taking a photo of course, to show everyone.”

“This is a serious matter, not a sideshow. I am doing something for the feline future in sleeping. No longer will we suffer from feline insomnia.”

“But Tabby I have never seen a feline that suffers from insomnia.”

“That is not the point Mrs. Human.”

Feline RDP #25: Feline Precedent