Feline RDP #26: Feline Navigation


Life can be difficult when the sun hangs above in the sky. Luckily it moves now and again, but that can be exhausting as I have to change my resting places accordingly. As soon as I feel comfortable and sink into the oblivion of my sleeping life I feel the annoyance of a ray of sun on my ears, even worse on my whiskers. This means I must again move and find somewhere where the sun does not reach.

Of course I could move to the inside of my home, but that is boring. There is no action. Outside there are birds fluttering with the promise of a hunt and a reward at the end if I am successful. Unfortunately it seems that as the years go bye, the birds flutter quicker and I leap slower, but it is still fun. All a question of navigation of course.

I should really do something for my fitness. Mrs. Human is always telling me I am sleeping my life away, but as I have 9 lives (less the four I have already lost somewhere on the way) it does not bother me so much. Of course in my sleep I am everywhere. I travel back to the days when I was a god which was exciting, especially the mice  they brought to me from the corn chambers as a sacrifice of thanks for my good work.

Being a ship’s cat was great, I had it all to myself and you would be surprised how big those rats could get on board. Now and again I even caught a sea gull, although too many feathers and the beak was almost indigestible.  The best dream was as witch assistant or were we could familiars. Oh, that was fun being feared by the humans. Luckily I remained a Tabby cat at the time, the black cats got the worst of the deal.

And now I will retire to the shade on the porch. That has advantages, a bowl of water and food, what more could a feline wish for. Yes, bird and a mouse, but I can dream about that.

Feline RDP #26: Feline Navigation