Feline RDP#27: Feline Indulgence


Here I am indulging in my favourite pastime, some may think that I am just sleeping, but that is only the obvious part of it all. I am not just sleeping, but replenishing my energy and making decisions on the further development of my waking moments. I spend 80% of my daily life sleeping, so my waking moments must be carefully organised. There is no time to waste.

A sleep is always followed by a wash and licking everywhere has to be organised. My mum always said do not forget to wash behind the ears, but I have to use my paw for that, another complicated operation. And then it is time to eat and drink. I tell you the life of a cat is one big stress, we have no time for indulgences, it is all hard work. Β I would love to spend more time with Mrs. Human helping her with cleaning my recycling tray and serving my food, but she would be disappointed if I did everything. She would feel there would be something missing in her world, so I let her get on with it on her own. She, too, must enjoy her indulgences.

I have now found a new sleeping place. Sleeping places are important in the life of a feline. I now sleep next to mowey to keep an eye on him. Yesterday I was sleeping comfortably on the grass and suddenly this machine decided to eat the grass where I was laying. I can tell you it was a shock. I have now decided to keep an eye on this mowing monster, as it also has its indulgences. A feline cannot even relax completely when sleeping. We must always have at least one eye half open to make sure that everything follows its usual course.

Feline RDP#27: Feline Indulgence

13 thoughts on “Feline RDP#27: Feline Indulgence

  1. Sounds a lot of hard work Tabby…be careful off your new sleeping place. Good idea keeping an eye on things. x😸😻🐾🐾🐾🐾

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