Feline RDP #28: Feline Reduction


“Sleeping again Tabby?”

“No, I am just saving my energy for later.”

“For later? Are you planning to go on a long walk?”

“Of course not, walking is for kittens. We senior felines like to conserve our strength and sleep is the best method.”

“What are you conserving your strength for?”

“That is obvious. For further sleep exercises.”

“You mean you have to sleep to be able to sleep more.”

“Of course. Sleep is hard work. I have to  keep one part of my brain awake. A complete shut down is not possible, I might miss something. Even my wall is never completely asleep. There is always a brick somewhere paying attention.”

“Tabby, walls do not live, they are dead material, so forget it.”

“Walls are very much alive, I communicate with the wall constantly. Did you see that white mark on the brick at the top of the wall.?”

“That was where a crow deposited its re-cycling matter.”

“I know and my wall had one sleepless night because of that. It feels reduced and alone.  you should really take more care of walls, and keep it clean.”

“I will Tabby, but not because of the wall, but because the wall looks better without the crow recycling marks on it.”

“Typical human, thinks only of herself and not of the wall.”

“Tabby, you also only think of yourself.”

“That is not true Mrs. Human. I had a sleepless five minutes thinking about the wall. And now to continue with my sleep.  I must really build up my strength. Tell your phone to wake me in two hours where I expect a plate of tuna fish and not those dry pellets. They will be the death of me one day.”

“But they are healthy.”

“Who says so? I have never heard a feline praise a vitamin pellet, and we have to eat them.”

Feline RDP #28: Feline Reduction

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