Feline RDP #29: Feline Milestone


“I am pawing my way into unknown territory, following a path I have never followed before, taking a chance – will I survive, will I succeed on my mystery journey?”

“Tabby, do not overdo it, you have often walked into the garden across the porch.”

“Yes, I know, but you do not have to tell everyone. My followers are now convinced that I am a dauntless brave feline who has no fears of the unknown. On my right I am already approaching the borders, marked by an extra terrestrial who patrols on my territory now and again. At the moment he is sleeping, a mowey, it will be a close encounter of the third kind.”

“Don’t overdo it Tabby, he only mows the lawn for an hour a day, and you were sleeping the last time he did the job.”

“But there are risks involved. I can already smell the enemy in the undergrowth.”

“No Tabby, that was the last toilet stop you made this morning.”

“Shh, is nothing private in my home? And now I am going Mrs. Human, do not wait for me, it is a far far better thing I am now doing that I have ever done.”

“Tabby why have you turned around.”

“I decided that today is not such a good day for reckless adventures into the unknown. I felt a drop of rain on my whiskers and there is an increasing wind. I have also walked many pawsteps and my feet are exhausted. I need a rest to recover. Wake me later after my dish of food is ready and make sure there is enough. Exploring the unknown can be tiring and encourages the appetite.”

Feline RDP #29: Feline Milestone

8 thoughts on “Feline RDP #29: Feline Milestone

    • Being once a god in the old country, Tabby still has us under her control by remote (you think whiskers are just decoration?) and of course there are telepathic influences.


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