Feline RDP#30: Feline Fluke


“Tabby where have you been, and where are you going?”

“Too many questions Mrs. Human, I am overwhelmed.”

“Yes, well Mr. Human and I were worried about you. We have not seen you all afternoon. I went out for a while and when I returned Mr. Human told me you had disappeared and not been seen or heard.”

“I am here now, so what is the big deal.”

“We were worried, but my trick worked.”


“When I returned I took out a tin of tuna fish and the tin opener but there was still no Tabby. Then I laid on my bed and within a few seconds I heard Mr. Human talking to you on the porch and now you are back.”

“So what was the trick, I heard the tuna fish trick, but that is an old one and no longer works, because it is usually accompanied by disappointment, that would just be a fluke. I heard you went to your sleeping cushion and decided to join you for a tummy tickle.”

“Exactly and that was the reason why you arrived again.”

“But you can now forget that one. I did not get a tummy tickle, just a few harsh words about not disappearing and I should tell you where I am going. How can I tell you something that I do not know myself. My decisions are all on the spur of the moment, according to how I feel.”

“Great Tabby and how Mr. Human and I feel is not important?”

“Of course not, I only do I, me and myself. If you must know I was trying out the shade in the neighbour’s garden to see if it was better than in our garden.”

“And what was the result?”

“Shade seems to be shade no matter where, but his chairs are more comfortable than yours. the cushions are thicker and softer. You should really do something about my comfort outside.”

“If it is so much better why didn’t you stay there?”

“He did not have a bowl of fresh water outside to quench my thirst.”

Feline RDP#30: Feline Fluke

8 thoughts on “Feline RDP#30: Feline Fluke

  1. And Tabby is hinting a bowl of tuna would not go amiss. Tabby just doesn’t want to admit that even while wandering to check out the nearby habitats, home is still home — surely no need to get sentimental but where is that tummy tickle?
    Cute story.

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  2. The last thing I do at night and the first thing in the morning is refill the water bowl. It would last longer and stay fresher if the furry people wouldn’t wash their paws in it before drinking. I understand they are just testing the water, but it gets all muddy and funky, They could wipe their paws on the rugs, just like we do.

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    • Tabby has two bowls, one outside on the porch and one inside. She likes to keep her paw in the bowl while she is drinking but never told me why. It looks like she is holding it to stop it slipping away, but she always licks the last drop from the paw otherwise, seems to be a sort of feline ritual.

      Liked by 1 person

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