Feline RDP #31: Feline Scale


I am not bowing down to worship a god
I am a member of the feline squad
There was a time being a god myself was law
But now all I am doing is washing my paw
Clean paws mean a very clean heart
They were my mums last words when we did depart
Although mum added, do not be so sure
You secret of success lays in your jaw
If it breathes and moves, then just kill it for food
Felines are always hungry, no matter the mood
It makes no difference whether sparrow or quail
What’s in a name? You can bite it down to scale
And now I must recover, licking paws can be quite hard
especially if you have been in a stony yard
Life can only get better, when you have clean feet
And do not forget, there is tuna fish to eat

Feline RDP #31: Feline Scale