Feline RDP#32: Keen Feline


This weather is really getting too hot. Just look at me, the perspiration is dripping off my whiskers, I am melting and what is more I cannot find my zip. What zip? We felines all know that humans are somewhat lower on the animal scale, but they did invent the tin opener  and the zip. They can be quite selfish and keep all these things to themselves.  I would really be keen to have a zip. Humans even have opposable thumbs: a mistake in the process of evolution. The felines were on the list for opposable paws, but it was at the time of the great flood when  a human guy let us travel on his ark. actually there was supposed to be room for four felines, being the most gifted of the animals, but some human changed the 4 into a 2 and so it was only 2 felines and they did not like each other either.

So back to this zip problem. In the process of evolution we felines should have got a zip incorporated in our fur coat. We would have had no problem with the hot days of summer. Just take your coat off, hang it on a tree to air out and put it on again when the sun disappears, I have searched for my zip everywhere, but no chance. On the other paw, if I had one, I am sure Mrs. Human would be posting naked photos of me on my blog, never trust a human.

There is only one remedy, hide under a tree in the shade. Yuck, Mrs. Human has one of these bikinis on, have you ever seen a naked human? I think I am now glad to have a fur coat to keep my decency.

Feline RDP#32: Keen Feline

6 thoughts on “Feline RDP#32: Keen Feline

  1. Well, even though funny does not exist in meow, you at times have a keen ability to make humans make their silly noise. I have some clippers you can borrow, sort of a long term zip solution. Stay cool. Perhaps you can run through the sprinkler to cool off.

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