Feline RDP #33: Serried Feline


There are times when I do miss my brothers and sisters. There were four of us and we were all different. One was a furry long haired mixture, another could have been my twin, but the fur was longer. And then there was Nera, she was queen of the pack, big, long haired and fat, no she was not fat, Nera said she was fluffy. I asked mum why we all looked different, but she said there are things that a feline mum likes to keep for herself. All I remember is that when we were outside she seemed to know all the other felines in the neighborhood. They were all shapes, colors and sizes and there was definitely a similarity to all of us.

I was the the last to appear in the litter, and mum said I was actually just the postscript to a long night out and a big surprise, but I am not sure what she meant. And now I am the only one, but I do not feel lonely. We felines like to be for I, me and myself, who needs a brother or sister, and to be quite honest I might not even recognize them if I saw them.

Nera came with me when we took over our new humans, because mum said she should keep an eye on me, as my dad was the biggest mystery of her life. Another one of mum’s secrets it seems. Nera left some time ago for the eternal corn chambers to celebrate her 10th life, but she still looks in now and again, usually in the middle of the night, to make sure I am doing it in the right way. She congratulated me on organizing my human.

As I lay here on the grass, preparing for my next sleep, I can feel the paws of those that went before me. One feline comes seldom alone it seems, at least that is what my mum said and she should know.

Feline RDP #33: Serried Feline

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