Feline RDP#35: Feline Trace


I walk on light paws, I have a quiet tread
They call me the Queen of the night
I sleek everywhere, you see only a shadow
But I keep you all in my sight

My purpose is clear, I will leave no trace
My journey is long, sometimes hours
You might seek me here, and but I will be there
Just follow the lotus flowers

I have missions to complete they occur every day
As a feline agent with a cause
I hear a noise, there is a smell in the air
It is then I apply my paws

There is no time to lose, I might be too late
Time is limited to grant my wish
But I see her standing there, tin opener in hand
Serving the tuna fish

So strike the mouse while it’s hot I meow
And stay close to the human race
They fill up our bowls and remove all our litter
Train them well and they leave no trace

And now I must go, there is danger apaw
A feline is beginning to tap
Yes life can be hard, I will not lost a life
And must exit through my cat flap

Feline RDP#35: Feline Trace