Feline RDP #36: Feline Hospitality


“Tabby, that is not a very nice hospitable pose.”

“I do not do “hospitable” Mrs. Human, it does not exist in meow.”

“But it means being friendly and welcoming.”

“You see, another two words that I do not recognise.”

“I must say felines are not very sociable, and before you tell me I know, sociable does not exist in meow.”

“That is according to how it is applied. I can be very sociable.”


“Of course. If Roschti, the feline next door, has a plate of tuna fish from her human and has to leave it unattended, perhaps there is a bird near bye, then I will eat the tuna fish whilst she is otherwise occupied.”

“But Tabby, that is not being sociable, that is a case of taking advantage of Roschti’s absence.”

“As I said Mrs. Human, it is all a matter of interpretation. I am also sure that Roschti would do the same for me, and that even borders on being friends, like helping a cat in need.”

“But she is not helping anyone except for himself.”

“Exactly, felines always look after No. 1 first of all, I, me and myself. And to return to the photo of my paw, that is my territorial sign of possession. Where my paw rests, it is all mine.”

“But your paw is resting on a cushion.”

“Exactly, so perhaps you could soften it a little to make it more comfortable.”

“It seems my purpose here is just to keep you happy and contented.”

“Exactly, you see you are learning. Don’t worry Mrs. Human, it is a long and hard road but eventually you will get there and be able to sleep well, knowing that you will have a happy feline.”

“Yes, of course Tabby.”

Feline RDP #36: Feline Hospitality