Feline RDP #39: Darting Feline


I must admit there are moments when I have an irresistible urge to dart around somewhere. Mrs. Human does not understand this feline impulse of action, but she does not see things as I see them. There is a shadow on the wall, or is it a shape of a threat to my security. It is always better to be prepared and cast all dangers aside. And so I rev up my whiskers to high speed and propel myself to the wall as walls as always very helpful.

The wall points me in the correct direction, which is usually upwards and with a light push with my back legs I am the bionic feline: in two seconds I propel myself from the living room to the wall in question and am already half way up the wall, a flash of tabby fur. I hang on the wall by claw for a few seconds until I lose my grip and arrive again, on velvet paws, to the ground. Did I catch this shadow, or thing that was the shadow? Of course not, because it was no longer there. A figment of my imagination perhaps, but we felines live from figments.  It goes paw in claw with our vegetative imagination of the fifth dimension, It is this 5th dimension that the humans do not have.

Of course Mrs. Human can also dart, but being human she darts in slow motion. And now I must go, it is time to dart again. Why? No idea, but we felines do not have to have a reason for everything, it is just time to dart.

Feline RDP #39: Darting Feline