Feline RDP#41: Feline Vintage


Who is vintage? I am in the most interesting years of my life. I know it all and can still do it. Perhaps a little slower than I was, but even humans slow down when they get older. At least my fur is still the same colour and my whiskers. I am now in the prime of feline life. The kittens ask me for advice. I tell them to defend their territory above all. After all we spend our time on marking the boundaries to prove that it is ours. I also tell them to make sure there is an escape route near just to be sure. Cat flaps can be very useful in this connection. Lives are something to guard, and although we have nine, they are quickly mislaid.

I had my midlife crisis a few months ago when I realised that the mice were ignoring me and the birds were laughing at my attempts to catch them, but where there are butterflies there is always a way, although my jumps no longer seem to be high enough and when I clap my paws together, I am left with nothing. They fly away before I have a chance. Thank goodness for tuna fish in a food bowl, at least it is dead.

I still have five lives, but for my 16 years, that is quite a good record. Other felines only have one left at my age. No, do not ask me, I will not tell you. Losing lives for a feline is a very private matter and personal. We just continue as always and keep it to ourselves.

Feline RDP#41: Feline Vintage

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