Feline RDP #42: Feline Grooves


“Tabby, you lay in the same place every day at the same time.”

“I have to keep an eye on this Mowey thing. It moves along my paths and even makes new grooves.”

“It is our automatic lawn mower.”

“I don’t care, it is a threat to my territory. Where I want to go, it follows me. I am geting a Mowey complex. Yesterday I managed to stand in its path.”

“What happened?+

“I discovered it has no respect for the feline paws and it continued on its way as if I did not exist. I had to jump out of the way. We should exterminate it.”

“But Tabby, I need Mowey to cut my lawn.”

“What lawn? Looks a bit bare to me.”

“It will grow again Tabby, that is because of the hot weather.”

“I think it is because of this mowing threat you have in the garden. Every day it moves when I tell it to keep still. It has no respect for the feline power.”

“That is because it is a machine.”

“Kill it Mrs. Human, otherwise it will take over. I do not trust it, although it does have ¬†respect for my wall. It will not touch any bricks ¬†and always moves on to another place.”

“That is because it can only follow a certain path. There are grooves underground with wire and it can only follow the electric current going through the wires. Tabby what are you doing, stop digging.”

“I will remove the wires and they this monster will no longer cross my path.”

“But this machine cost a lot of money and it has a job to do every day.”

“So do I Mrs. Human. I keep our home free from mice and other felines.”

“So does the mowing machine Tabby. It frightens the mice away and also other felines.”

“Yes I noticed. Kill it Mrs Human, or switch it off.”

Feline RDP #42: Feline Grooves