Feline RDP #43: Feline Superstition


“Tabby leave that mower alone.”

“No way Mrs. Human, I am keeping my eye on it, before it begins to move again. I am sure it is planning to overtake my territory. Today it made three circles around me, I was surrounded.”

“But you always make three circles before you settle down to sleep, so perhaps Mowey was must copying you.”

“No way, although Mowey did go to sleep afterwards. Now I am keeping an eye on him to be prepared when he awakes.”

“Tabby, Mowey will now remain quiet until tomorrow at the same time and he cannot get any further, so there is no need to worry.”

“Perhaps I should create a hairball to keep myself safe from Mowey.”

“I don’t think that will help Tabby, Mowey has a job to do.”

“So do I, to protect my territory. There is only one thing for it.”

“What are you doing now?”

“I told you creating a hairball, that will stop the curse of the Mowey.”

“But you are making a mess on my lawn and if Mowey rolls into it he will spread the hairball all over the lawn and it might even cause a breakdown.”

“That is the idea, that will teach him. Furballs are always good against threats Mrs. Human. And today is Friday the 13th.”

“I didn’t know that felines were superstitious.”

“Of course not, but you always mark it on the calendar so it must mean something. Humans always have strange ideas.”

“It is tradition Tabby, strange things can happen on Friday 13th. What are you doing?”

“This definitely calls for a hairball tactic for protection in that case. Calm down Mrs. Human it is all in a good cause. It will protect us both from the curse of Mowey.”

Feline RDP #43: Feline Superstition