Feline RDP #45: Feline Kerfuffle


“Tabby, laying around again on the lawn?”

“Of course Mrs. Human, I have to relax after all the hard work I do all day long.”

“But you sleep almost all day.”

“Exactly, and that can be quite exhausting, not to mention having to search for a sleeping place.”

“But you don’t search you are always laying on the grass on the lawn.”

“But not always in the same place. It depends what the sun decides. I tried to apply my influence on the sun that it would stay in the same place, to save all the hard work of moving to avoid its heat and bright light, but it just ignored me. Me, that was worshipped as a god.”

“Yes Tabby, you cannot have everything. Even I have to close the shutters when the sun is shining.”

“You are a mere human, but I am a feline and deserve more respect from the sun. And now I have to move yet again, this is so exhausting. Perhaps you could construct some sort of sun protection, perhaps a roof over my body so maintain my body temperature.”

“But the sun would still change its position.”

“Not if you construct something portable and move it now and again when the sun moves. That would be perfect.”

“I am sure it would be Tabby, but I do not have the time  to sit in the garden and move your sun blind to ensure you are comfortable.”

“Typical human, only think of themselves.  I will have to move continuously otherwise and that is really exhausting.”

“I do not have the impression that you think of others Tabby.”

“That is something different. We felines are the centre of the universe.”

“Except for the sun, it seems.”

“I am working on that one Mrs. Human, in the meanwhile I just need a portable roof over my feline head.”

Feline RDP #45: Feline Kerfuffle