Feline RDP#48: Feline Extempore


I have killed him I think, or perhaps he’s just sleeping
This monster knows no respect, and stops me from leaping
It says peep, peep, peep and then begins to move
I know he wants to attack and is searching for the groove
Wherever he goes, he will follow all my steps
I have to train daily to build muscles onĀ  triceps
But I am winning I know, I stopped him in his tracks
Although he took a different route, following the cracks
I cannot hear him breathing, but do not think he is dead
As soon as I close my eyes, he will begin to spread
Taking over my territory and making me a fool
I must bite through his wires, and then he cannot pull
There is one thing that is good to show that he has class
He does not touch my tuna fish, but only eats the grass

Feline RDP#48: Feline Extempore